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9thmaterialization of Cardboardia for inventors (o

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Topic: 9thmaterialization of Cardboardia for inventors (o
Posted By: tyran
Subject: 9thmaterialization of Cardboardia for inventors (o
Date Posted: 26.8.2011 at 16:21

3-6 November 2011, 12-00 – 20-00, Free entrance

The Scientific CardboardTown on the territory of Russia, Ulianovsk city

«I love when everything is moving, I love when cardboard seems to be alive, I love technologies, and I love film “Brasil” and “Fallout” game very much”    Tyran interviewing himself

The Personages of Cardboardia believe that everyone can create something new and they are really sure that they can reinvent the wheel. And the Tyran supports all the innovations and hopes that Cardboardia will be full of different beautiful inventions! Top brains of the Cardboardia will arrange an engineering breakthrough and will make cardboard revolve round its axis!

During the IV Contest of Architecture and Design of Cardboardia ( the participants will construct airbuses and other massive technological devices on the territory of Ulianovsk city, the city which is not only seems to be new cultural capital of Russia but also an educational and aircraft-researching center. The main requirement for the participants – their devices should be cute and run!

Traditionally, everyone can find the best job in Cardboardia – you can work at administration or open your own shop, project office or arrange an entertaining or educational event.

Terms and conditions you can request at cardboardiacontest (@)

Visitors of Scientific CardboardTown of Cardboardia can pass “Bureaucratic quest” and become a Personage, Cardboardia citizen. We’ll not forget about tourist entertainments. Main events would be held on the Central Square and Theatre – Really Free Market, Cardboard Tubes Fight and competitions on the only official kind of sport in Cardboardia - Rock-Paper-Scissors. Political life of the city wouyldn’t be stopped also – the Cardboardia Administration will held next single option Election of the Tyran when everybody can make his choice and be helpful for themselves and for the society.

The official moto of the 9th Cardboardia Materializaton is “Invent, Earn, Play!”

Tourist tips

•          The visa is not necessary for Cardboardia entrance

•          The only currency in Cardboardia is BT (bad taste)

currency rate is permanent: 20 RUR = 1 BT, 1 BT = 15 RUR

To buy or sell something or to pay for the services you should exchange your currency on BT at one of the numerous Currency Exchange Offices

•          Bringing and using alcohol and tobacco are forbidden and provide tough punishment in keeping with the best traditions of the Tyranny

•          To become a Personage of Cardboardia you should pass the “Bureaucratic quest”

•          Every citizen of Cardboardia must take part in the single option Election of the Tyran

•          ATTENTION!! Take care of your imagination in Cardboardia - sometimes it can be unpredictable!

Tyran wants to thank personally Nadezhda Deryabina (“Regional resource and informational foundation”), Tatiana Ivshina (“Ulianovsk – the cultural capital”) and Olga Drozdova (“Social information Agency”) for the invitation and support

   Press about Cardboardia

«Everything is possible at Cardboardia. If you want you can build houses under your own project, if you have no idea — you can erect municipal buildings. You can draw, you can dance, you can go in for sports in cardboard stadium or simply walk and stare at how other people works. Only cigarettes, matches and lightings are strictly prohibited — authorities are afraid of a terrible damage that this «state enemies» can cause to CardboardState» Newspaper «Gazeta», 2009

«Every city has a lot of gags. For example, Moscow is full of gags. Theyareeverywhere! Cardboardiahasalotofgagstoo. Forexample, lookattheprison! Let’s come in, we can see overseer girl there. Try to get this – this is for real, this is real country, we are not kidding! This is a real country where people live for real. «Weliveshereforthreedays. We eat, sleep and prepare for exams and we philosophize here. I hope my professor will meet me here». NTV Chanel, 2011

«- We are the real country – the Major of Cardboardia says – We have a Custom, currency, passports, but we have veryy less space. We are just like Israel: we had invented a country first and then started to look for it’s place. We have Cardboardia and every time it materializes at the new place.» Newspaper “Rossijskaya gazeta”, 2011

«What’s going on in Cardboardia? Everything you want! You can become a Citizan and build a cardboard home after your own project. If you don’t have any idea – help to arrange municipal building. Thecityisalreadybuiltrightnow. Somebuildingsare5 metershigh. This gingerbread houses are full of everyday perfomances – conerts, theatre, fashion-shows and so on. Market place is also 24-hour open. Citizens sell different things for the tourists. But where have you seen the country without economics? The Tyran of Cradboardia is sure that everything should be fun and interesting. It is his own accomplished dream. And it could be nice alternative for bear-and-cigarette on a park brench for someone else» Newspaper «Moskovsky Komsomolets»

« People say that you should pass pass the “Bureaucratic quest” and a lot of difficult missions to become a Citizan of Cardboardia. Cardboard town is more then 1000 sq. meters and has both social objects (like really free shop or children entertaining centers) and business projects, thereby local citizans exchange their creativity with local currency Bad Taste. The city is “flexible” – some obejcts appears, can be changed or disappear» Informational Agency«RIA-NEWS», 2011

Hystory of Cardboardia

Cardboard-on-Kama – 8th materialization (Perm, 1-13 June, 2001) during the international festival “White Nights in Perm”
Cardboard town -7th re-materialization (Moscow, desing-factory FLACON, 3-16 January 2011)
Saint-Cardboardburg – 6th materialization, (SPb, Bye Bye Ballet, 1-7 November 2010)
First Architectal Contest of Cardboardia - (Moscow, loft-district Danilovlskaya Manufactrue, 2-3 April 2010)
Prime Victoria Celebration – christmas party (Moscow, StateDarwinMuseum, 19 and 20 december 2009)
Photo and Art Object Exhibition of Cardboardia (Berlin, Neurotitan Gallery, 16-24 October 2009)
Pahvistan - 5.1 materialization (Helsinki, Kasarmitori, 18-23 August 2009) as part of Helsinki Festival
CardboardTown Free! - 5th materialization (Moscow, Red October Factory, 8-14 June 2009)
PapperStadt - party-presentation (Berlin, Brotfabrik, 21 march 2009);
Cardboardia's Parade - 4th materialization (Moscow, Gogolevskij Boulevard, 6-7 September 2008) as a part of Day of Moscow;
Tyran's Cardboard English Garden - 3d materialization (Moscow, ShusewMuseum, 21 May 2008) as a part of Anglomania Festival;
CardboardTown - 2nd materialization (Moscow, PROEKT_FABRIKA, January 2008);
PaperTown - 1st materialization (Moscow, Kolomenskoje, 27 July 2007) as a part of Afisha's Picnic Festival.

Sergey Korsakov (The Tyran), tyran @

Victoria Novikova (Prime Victoria), +7 962 9467685, glavnajaviktoria @

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