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MMKamp'13 - Geodesic Dome Workshop

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Topic: MMKamp'13 - Geodesic Dome Workshop
Posted By: maja_k
Subject: MMKamp'13 - Geodesic Dome Workshop
Date Posted: 10.7.2013 at 12:50
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Dates: 12.8. – 15.8.2013.

Place: Tourist complex Cimper, Mursko Središće, Croatia

Geodesic dome workshop will in 4 days give basic knowledge of its function, architecture and usage. Workshops are held in the tourist complex Cimper, in the city of Mursko Središće, North Croatia. Between 12th and 15th August expert builders will assemble and disassemble the dome structure together with participants. Learning process will include theoretical background of dome structures, presentations on its forefathers Buckminster Fuller and Walter Bauersfeld, open discussions connected to its utility, possible creative outcomes for its agricultural, social and cultural use, as well as usage for transdiscisplinary strategies in culture.

Idea of geo dome greenhouse is already well known in eco-circles. Many of us want to learn about its beneficial architecture, but except of you-tube videos and confusing web pages, there is no space to learn in hands-on practical way. The participants of the workshop will learn how to disassemble and assemble geo-dome made out of wood. Through this process they will learn its architectural structure, its mathematics and its ecological benefits as a structure for housing or greenhouse. Also, other usages will be presented – such as geo-dome multimedia projections space.

This workshop is part of joined activities during Free Festival and Multimedia camp in organization of Autonomous Centre ACT Čakovec, and Urban Culture and Education, Križevci.

Free Festival and MMkamp are events that are connecting usage of free technologies and FOSS, ecological and recycle attitudes, anti-consumerism and non-competition. Both embed collaborative practices and coexistence.

The participants don’t need any special knowledge about geo-dome construction. Anyone can do it. The number of participants is limited.

The workshop will take place in rural north Croatia, near the river Mura at the Slovenian-Croatian border, with space to work, electricity, shower and bathroom facilities, WIFI, sport facilities, conference room with air-condition, children area, etc. Nature surrounding the workspace offers contemplative and peaceful setting resembling a summer camp.

If you are intrigued and interested in our workshop please complete - application form not later than 1.8.2013 (partially completed application will not be taken into account).

For more information please visit: -

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