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Invitation to participation at forum

Printed From: Artservis
Category: English Speakers Corner
Forum Name: Invitation to participation at forum
Forum Discription: the editor's word
Printed Date: 03.6.2020 at 13:54

Topic: Invitation to participation at forum
Posted By: Urednica
Subject: Invitation to participation at forum
Date Posted: 07.6.2005 at 12:02

Artservis has opened the forum for anyone who has been missing the oportunity of exchanging opinions and experiences on arts and culture. Although the forum has been conducted in slovenian language you should be aware that international arts and culture community is fluent in english, so do not hesitate to correspond online! We created a special English Speakers Corner to make correspondence easier for you.

There is room enough for various topisc: culture politics, art practices, finances, organization, your project needs and informations sharing.

The editor

Posted By: fsnsh6
Date Posted: 07.7.2012 at 15:57
Art and culture shall have a topic of modern interest, than people may come, as nowadays many people influence by mobile or website and entertainment, how art and culture will adsorb will have great effect.


Posted By: AlbertSmith
Date Posted: 12.7.2012 at 08:46
Just a quick note to let you know that I liked what I read. Cheers!

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Posted By: smileystar
Date Posted: 20.7.2012 at 07:51
Sharing cultures and work of art is an exciting topic. I will be coming more frequently to check for more posts.

Posted By: pallaherbert819
Date Posted: 24.7.2012 at 13:39
Nice one. This is interesting thing.

Posted By: emrnitin
Date Posted: 01.8.2012 at 06:45
Just happy to see English-speaking people here. =P

Posted By: swilson
Date Posted: 06.8.2012 at 00:48
I would like to be a part of this thread since it is english so make me a part. Thanks

Posted By: sirifu
Date Posted: 06.8.2012 at 10:57
I am glad that there is a section for English on this forum. congratulations!

Posted By: samuvel
Date Posted: 15.9.2012 at 12:40
Nice chance to share peoples thoughts about arts and culture

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Posted By: Spencer35
Date Posted: 20.11.2012 at 17:19

I have just joined and finance is my speciality. would love to exchange views on world economic cisis.  Specially the mess that the banks have created.

Just want to have an inetrnational opinion from different parts of the world.

I like the forum, very informative :)

Posted By: lremember92
Date Posted: 16.1.2013 at 07:14
I find it fascinating that a Slovenian forum has an English section. There is a lesson to be learned here. That is the lesson of tolerance of other languages and cultures. The West tends to be less tolerant to cultures that they don't understand, thats just my opinion.

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