Paris, France
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La Petite Escalère
International Residency Program
Call for applications for visual artists

LPE offers two residencies each year, one in the spring and one in the fall, each time hosting a single artist (two artists if developing a collaborative project) for a minimum of 1 week (2 for international artists) and up to 4 weeks at a time.
This program provides its residents with the opportunity to develop a specific project or pursue personal research in an unique setting and offers full accommodations, a weekly stipend and transportation to and from LPE.

LPE´s history, collection and landscape naturally bring up artistic practices that question and involve notions of landscape, nature, and their connections with the visual arts. But the residencies are not exclusively limited to those inquiries and are open to investigation of a wide range of concerns, hopefully giving rise to new ideas, approaches and creations based on a free, open and personal dialogue with LPE, its territory and heritage.

A publication documenting the residencies and conceived in collaboration with the residents is published and distributed by LPE each year.
No production is required at the end of the residency. Each resident is free of his/her time and work during his/her stay at LPE. But he or she agrees to dedicate half a day per week of residency to education programs, meeting and sharing with different groups around their work and experience.


LPE offers to each resident:

    A fully equiped two bedroom apartment located on the estate
    All meals
    A working space
    A printer, internet access and an art library of approximately 2500 volumes
    A car

Art supplies and material will not be provided. LPE is not able to accomodate the resident´s family or guests.


LPE offers to each resident:
A residency stipend of 650 EUR per week
Transportation to and from LPE

Selection process
Residents are selected by LPE´s Board, together with an artistic committee comprised of distinguished art professionals, artists and intellectuals.

Criterions for acceptance are artistic excellence and commitment, affinity with LPE´s missions and concerns, and the ability to speak French, English or Spanish in order to facilitate the resident´s stay at LPE and the outreach and education programs around his/her work.

Applications should be sent only by mail no later than October 25, 2013, to the postal address below.

Applications should include the following documents

  • the application form. Please note that this form cannot be replaced by a résumé;
  • a letter describing the applicant’s interest in the residency and how the program can be an asset in his/her career, a his/her creative process, along with his/her project for the residency (2 pages maximum) (.rtf or .pdf format) ;
  • a CD/DVD including 30 images with captions (formats .jpg ou .pdf) presenting the candidate´s work with a emphasis on the last 5 years of practice, along with a printed selection of 15-20 images;
  • for artists working for less than 10 years only, two recommendation letters by an authority in the candidate´s field who is familiar with his/her work ;
  • for French residents only, a proof of subscription to the Maison des artistes or the Agessa for the current year ;
  • a copy of valid driver’s licence ;
  • a self-addressed stamped envelope for the return of material.

NB: All documents must be sent together. No reminder will be sent and no additional documents will be accepted. Incomplete applications will be discarded.


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La Petite Escalère, c/o Art Process
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