Bruxelles, Belgium
Datum dogodka: 5 to 17 November 2013
Les Halles in collaboration with crowdfunding platform
Europe Refresh
Call for participants

At the heart of Brussels, capital of Europe a participatory event to launch a citizen participation and creativity resolution.

From Friday 15 to Sunday 17 November 2013, EUROPE REFRESH will gather at Les Halles several dozen projects coming from European citizens. These projects, dedicated to creativity in all its forms, will help build a more inventive, more open and more fulfilled society, and a more just, more sustainable and more democratic economy.

Art, fashion, design, ecology, new energies, new media, new technologies, information, education, research, health, nutrition, agriculture, citizen initiatives, humanitarian associations ... Your proposals may cover any sector, from the moment they seek to invent, very concretely, a happier daily life.

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Rok prijave: 01/09/13
Les Halles
Emmanuelle Nizou
Halles de Schaerbee, Rue de la Constitution, 20
1030 Bruxelles
tel: +32 (0)2 218 21 07
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