Berlin, Germany
Datum dogodka: 2013
Group Global 3000
The Gift as a Problem: Exhibition – Talks
Call for participation

We have all that we need in the industrialized world. What does a present mean? What do we give as gift nowadays? Every year, the market produces a unsustainable, immense quantity of things. A waste of energy and materials is needed every year for their manufacture, promotion and sale, as well as their later recycling, destruction or storage, from department stores’ stockrooms to our basements. The receiver is confronted with a problem: not needing to use the gift.

How does art respond to this? What suggestions, what solutions? We invite all interested artists, to take part in this exhibition with their ideas and artworks.

Format: Free format (objects, photo, painting, graphics, video, sound and also performances)

Applications: Please, short profile (CV, résumé), short description and photo of the work, as well as format and technical specifications (dimensions, technique…, equipment and requirement need)

Application form: by e-mail to:

We are an independent, self-organized Project Room. It means that, unfortunately, there is no budget for production, technical settings, transport and insurance (however, the room is insured).

Rok prijave: 25/10/13
Projektraum der Group Global 3000
Javier Pérez-Lanzac
Leuschnerdamm 19
10999 Berlin
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