Rijeka, Zagreb
Datum dogodka: 2013
44. KRAF - short film festival
Open call for feature, documentary, experimental, animation or a music video
  • The KRAF Festival is a non-thematic one.
  • Films sent to KRAF can be: feature, documentary, experimental, animation or a music video.
  • The festivals are open to all films from Croatia and abroad which have not been screened at any of the previous KRAF festivals.
  • Each and every entrant may enter up to 3 films.
  • The length of each entry is restricted from 1 to 15 minutes. The entry can not last less than one nor more than fifteen minutes.
  • The entries must be submitted on PAL system in 16:9 aspect ratio and must be sent on DVD (mpeg format) or link for download can be provided by mail to technical person.
  • Each film must be sent on a separate DVD.
  • Films must be in accordance with the given technical requirements.
  • Each author must fill in the entry form. The entry forms can be found in the propositions of the festival or on the web site: www.liburnija-film.hr. Each film must have it´s own entry form.
  • The entry forms can be copied. If filled in by hand, all entry forms must be filled in CLEARLY, with capital letters. If the entry form is not filled CLEARLY it will be excluded from the contest.
  • The DVDs (or files by download) must be labeled with the title of the film and the name of the author(s). The information given in the entry form must corespond to the information on the files/DVDs.
  • Films in languages other than Croatian or English must have Croatian or English subtitles hardcoded.
  • The decision about the films selected for screening/competition as well as the decision about the awarded films on the KRAF festival will be made by Awards Jury. The memebers of the Awards Jury will be selected by the members of the Executive Committee of Liburnija-film.
  • Best films at the KRAF Festival will be awarded with a Grand prix, the best camera, editing and the best scenario. The Viewer´s choice Award will be also announced.
  • The decisons made by the Awards Jury must be explained in written form. Liburnija-film is obliged to publish these reports within the bulletin of the festival and on the Liburnija-film´s web site.
  • The entries will not be returned.
  • The organizer reserves the right to copy the material for the archives and the right to screen it with the sole purpose of promoting the festival and filmmaking. The Organizing commitee is obliged not to use the entires for commercial purposes.
Rok prijave: 27/11/13
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51 000 Rijeka
tel: 098 195 4768
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